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Doris Biscoe is legendary in Detroit. As founder and president of Doris Biscoe Communications she brings years of savvy media experience to her company. An Emmy award-winning TV personality,Doris Biscoe has been in local media for 25 years. Biscoe began her media career while still in college at Howard University as a late night radio disc jockey at WGAY-FM, and as the host of a weekly public affairs show for WTTG-TV. Branching out she became the first African-American female model used in the Washington Post before relocating to Detroit where her esteemed career as a multi award-winner for WXYZ/TV Channel 7 Action News began. In 1973 Biscoe joined Channel 7 as a street reporter, and worked her way up to co-anchor of the 6pm news and later Action News This Morning. Today Doris Biscoe remains an iconic figure in Detroit, and brings the depth and excellence of her career to Doris Biscoe Communications.